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Innovation is the essential engine of positive change, and information is its fuel. Innovate intelligently and you will lead your market, grow your company, and change the world.

With the right information in the right places, your experts make the right decisions to uncover new opportunities. Our strategy helps you discover, analyze, and use data for new competitive advantage.

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To help you store, manage, access, search, and correlate your information across different sources, Hitachi Data Systems builds superior information technology and services. We are the trusted partner who helps you innovate with information to make a difference in your world.

We are ready to do our part to help you do your part. Innovate With Information.

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform is the first 3D scaling storage platform designed for all data types. Boasting the only architecture that flexibly adapts for performance, capacity, and multivendor storage. Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform is one of the most intelligent and powerful enterprise systems in the industry.

Hitachi Unified Storage 100 Family

Built on trusted Hitachi technology, the Hitachi Unified Storage 100 Family helps you meet application availability and performance requirements with a lower investment. High density storage delivers a reduced footprint and energy costs while easily meeting your expanding requirements and service level objectives for critical business applications.

Hitachi Univied Storage Platform VM

Hitachi Unified Storage Platform VM is the industry's first entry enterprise platform built on a unified architecture. Ease the management of information and reduce overall operating and capital investment costs by consolidating all of your existing storage onto one single virtualized platform.

Hitachi Content Platform

Hitachi Content Platform is a feature-rich object storage solution that enables you to store, share, sync, protect, analyze, and retrieve file data from a single system. Automating many critical day-to-day operations, Hitachi Content Platform is an efficient, easy to use platform that can easily manage your rapidly growing and increasingly diverse file data.

Hitachi NAS

Hitachi NAS Platform is an advanced, high performance, and integrated network attached storage (NAS) system. With Hitachi NAS, you can support big data workloads, consolidate multiple NAS filers, and lower your cost ownership. Its rich feature set includes, active-active clustering, single namespace up to maximum capacity, native tiering, extensive scalability and nondisruptive updates.

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Storage Management

Software products that provide solutions for Device Management, Storage Area Network Management, Storage Resource Management, Provisioning, Business Operations Management and Policy-based Automation. For a complete list of our Storage Management Solutions, please click here.

Data Protection

Data Protection solutions by Hitachi Data Systems address customer needs for data protection such as deduplication, backup, and Continuous Data Protection , data replication for disaster planning and operational recovery, and data security for the mitigation of risk to your critical business data. Hitachi Data Systems and our network of technology partners collaborate to identify and deploy the most cost-effective and efficient data protection solutions to enable you to protect your IT investment in open systems, mainframe storage, Hitachi and third-party storage platforms, servers, virtual environments, and business applications.

IT Operations

Successfully managing an IT infrastructure thatís rapidly growing in size and complexity can be daunting for most medium-sized businesses. By understanding precisely whatís happening across devices and environments, you can better manage costs, risks and assets. For a complete list of IT Operations solutions please click here.

File Services

Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere: Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere, a software option for Hitachi Content Platform, is a solution built end-to-end to be enterprise-ready , and hardened for the internet. A fully integrated, on-premises solution Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere is designed for safe, and secure file synchronization and sharing. Click here to learn more.

Hitachi Data Discovery Suite: Data Discovery Suite helps search, identify, collect and preserve data across the storage infrastructure from one secure location for improved storage management. Manage, retain and discover volumes of information and meet legal obligations. Click here to learn more.


We support Exchange, Hyper-V, SharePoint and SQL applications with seamless integration with built-in Windows frameworks: Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), Virtual Disk Service (VDS), iSCSI, Multipath Input/Output (MPIO). See our solutions for Microsoft


We allow maximum availability, performance and scalability. Consolidate and simplify storage management in your Oracle environments. Reduce cost of ownership with our solutions for Oracle.


Grow your SAP environment easily, speed deployment and reduce your risk and cost. Discover how to boost the value of your SAP storage infrastructure.


In our strategic partnership with Symantec, we have built powerful and pragmatic data protection solutions for businesses of all sizes. Explore how to improve your operational resilience and efficiency.


Together with VMware, we offer industry-leading solutions for end-to-end server and storage virtualization. See how our storage technologies improve VMware environments.

Business Continuity

The software products and suites available from Hitachi Data Systems provide an effective means to protect valuable data assets as part of broader Hitachi business continuity solutions that also include hardware and services. These products provide centralized and automated data protection, while reducing costs and complexity. The 2 functional areas of Hitachi business continuity solutions are data replication and data protection.

Hitachi Unified Compute Family

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) family is a broad portfolio of converged infrastructure solutions that combines best-of-breed storage, server, networking and software management in fully integrated packages designed for mission-critical workloads.

Hitachi Cloud Deployment

In order to fully realize the increasing potential of data and information, Hitachi Data Systems is delivering the technology to enable the infrastructure cloud, content cloud, and information cloud and, ultimately, to inspire innovation. With products like, Hitachi Content Platform, Hitachi Data Ingestor, and the newly announced Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere, Hitachi Data Systems is delivering technologies that will cost effectively address your data storage and management needs and take you into the Cloud.

Storage Management

Today's escalating storage demands challenge you to simultaneously increase capacity, support rapid access to enterprise information, and maintain 24/7 operations-all without additional budget or head count. Hitachi storage management solutions leverage Hitachi Command Suite, an advanced storage management framework for next generation data centers comprised of both virtualized storage and server assets. effectively manage your entire storage infrastructure ó from the business application to the disk ó and provide the quality of service your business needs.

Industry Verticals

Hitachi Data Systems has solutions designed for your industry, developed with insights and strategies to outperform your competitors and a full complement of information and resources for your industry. For a full list of indsustry-specific solutions, please visit Hitachi Data Systems Industry Solutions.