Brocade Network Advisor

Brocade Network Advisor helps organizations simplify daily network operations and focus on strategic IT initiatives. Administrators can identify network problems quickly and optimize network resources with customizable dashboards. Brocade Network Advisor also supports the entire Brocade IP and SAN portfolio, reducing the number of tools needed to gain visibility and control. Brocade Network Advisor is a feature-rich, easy-to-use interface that helps organizations proactively manage their networks.

Simplified Network Management for Today’s Increasingly Dynamic Networks
Brocade Network Advisor is a simple yet powerful tool that helps organizations manage the entire network operations lifecycle, including monitoring, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and remediation. Brocade Network Advisor saves administrators valuable time and enables greater IT and business agility.

Brocade Network Advisor offers:

Intuitive interface: Proactively identify problem areas and prevent network downtime with customizable dashboards, network topology views, and comprehensive drill-down options.

Visibility and insight: Maximize network efficiency with in-depth performance, network traffic, VM-to-storage and application-level flow data.

Automation features: Minimizes manual tasks through capabilities such as event management, bulk configuration, and policy monitoring.

End-to-end network management: Reduces the number of management tools needed by unifying management for the entire Brocade SAN and IP portfolio, including management for SAN and VCS fabrics, wired and wireless networks, and service providers.

Partner integration: Maximize the value of IT investments through seamless integration with industry-leading management solutions from Microsoft, VMware, IBM, HP, and EMC.

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