Enterprise campus networks are expected to deliver services thought impossible just a few years ago. Video conferencing, real-time collaboration, distance learning, and patient monitoring are just a few of the applications that organizations are deploying to enhance employee productivity, improve customer service, and create a competitive advantage. Additionally, anytime, anywhere mobile access has become ubiquitous with an explosion of wireless devices connected to the network, along with rising user expectations.

As a result, today’s IT organizations need to quickly and efficiently transform their campus networks to support ever-changing business needs–all within constrained budgets. In short, they need to take the effort out of their network by doing more with less.

Brocade is uniquely positioned to help organizations address this challenge. Leveraging proven expertise in world-class data center SAN and Ethernet fabric networking solutions, Brocade now brings unprecedented innovation to enterprise campus networks with the Brocade HyperEdge Architecture.

Brocade HyperEdge Architecture
The Brocade HyperEdge Architecture brings campus networks into the modern era to better support mobility, security, and application agility. This evolutionary architecture integrates innovative wired and wireless technologies to streamline application deployment, simplify network management, and reduce operating costs.

The HyperEdge Architecture enables organizations to build networks that are:

  • Agile: By eliminating Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) between HyperEdge Domain switches through a flatter Layer 2 design, the HyperEdge Architecture increases link utilization and reduces application deployment complexity. The Distributed AP Forwarding functionality of Brocade wireless Access Points (APs) efficiently secures and directs mobile traffic at the network edge without tunneling data back to a central controller at the network core.
  • Automated: By grouping premium and entry-level switches with intelligent wireless APs into a consolidated management domain, HyperEdge Domains eliminate the need to provision and manage devices individually—simplifying network deployment and management.
  • Cost-effective: The HyperEdge Architecture enables the propagation of advanced features and services from premium switches to entry-level switches, allowing IT organizations to purchase only what they need today and add intelligent services as the business evolves. Further cost savings is achieved with Brocade wireless solutions using controller-less or controller-shared license deployment options.

Brocade Campus Network End-to-End Solutions
Brocade offers a full suite of Layer 2 and Layer 3 network solutions. Brocade network infrastructure products are engineered for enterprise-class applications, combining high performance with resiliency and industry-leading energy efficiency. For campus network deployments, Brocade offers a broad spectrum of access (wired and wireless), aggregation, and core switches to build a complete end-to-end solution for both large and medium-size enterprises.

Brocade campus network reference architecture.

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