Converge Infrastructure

It’s time to build a better enterprise.

Historically, to keep pace with the growth of business applications and the terabytes of data they generate, IT resources were deployed in a silo-like fashion. One set of resources has been devoted to one particular computing technology, business application or line of business. These resources support a single set of assumptions and cannot be optimized or reconfigured to support varying usage loads.

Convergence is a means of integrating multiple IT components for better efficiency. When you combine these components — like servers, networking and storage — into a single entity or solution, you can pool and share their collective resources more effectively. You also can simplify and centralize the management of those resources and achieve significant cost savings.

ESGC and Hitachi base our solutions on open architecture, flexible delivery models and unified support. We help you achieve an automated data center platform that provides:

• Accelerated IT deployment of new applications and services
• Reduced complexity and management cost
• Increase operational efficiency and resource utilization
• Improve security and control

Components of Converge Infrastructure:

Hitachi Compute System

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform

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