Hitachi Data Ingestor

Elastic and backup-free storage solution for distributed users and cloud consumers
Native file system access (CIFS and NFS) into centralized cloud infrastructures
Wide range of advanced storage features for simplified, automated and centralized management

Integrated Edge-to-core Storage Solution
Hitachi Data Ingestor (HDI) is an elastic and backup-free cloud on-ramp and filer. HDI with Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) is an integrated storage solution that is seamlessly scalable and backup-free for distributed consumers of IT, such as remote offices, branch offices (ROBO) and cloud storage users. Hitachi Data Ingestor provides a standard connection, or on-ramp, into the core data center without requiring application recoding and without changing the way users interact with storage today. Because HDI acts as a caching device, it gives users and applications seemingly endless storage and a host of newly available capabilities. These features reduce management time and cost by eliminating the need to constantly manage capacity, utilization and performance of the system.

  • Content sharing and roaming home directories enable simplified access and management across different sites.
    • Deploy a wide area content distribution framework.
  • Data protection and file restore.
    • No need for tape backup.
    • Data security and encryption.
    • Retrieve previous versions of a file as well as deleted files.
    • Maintain file and directory access control.
  • Automated migration.
    • Easily transition from NAS and Windows Servers to HDI.

Rein in Cloud with Edge-to-Core Storage

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