Hitachi Digital Pathology Solution

Digital Pathology ImageDigital pathology has the potential to enormously change how pathology slide specimens are
reviewed, shared and managed. Together, Hitachi Data Systems and Pixcelldata support digital
pathology with a turnkey solution for the unique workflows and collaboration challenges of pathology.
A turnkey Solution for Pathology’s Unique Workflow and Collaboration Challenges:

Pathology architecturePathology plays a critical role in the continuum of patient care, with almost 70% of all patient care decisions resting on pathology test results.  For the average hospital provider this represents millions of pathology tests that must be prepared, reviewed, shared, analyzed and stored.  By ensuring the long-term access, open collaboration and preservation of pathology data, digital pathology offers the important promise of workflow simplification and clinical efficiency.

The digitization of medical images is an efficiency strategy that has proven itself in medical imaging departments around the globe. As a result, hospitals and their pathology departments are seeking digital solutions that support a productive and efficient pathology workflow and ensure a more holistic and future-proof approach.

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