Hitachi NAS Platform

Consolidate File and Virtual Servers, and Storage
Powerful: Industry leading performance and scalability.
Efficient: Nondisruptive deduplication and greater usable network-attached-storage capacity.
Cost-effective: Superior total cost of ownership (TCO) for file serving and virtualized server environments.
Powerful, Efficient, Cost-Effective
To handle the massive, growing, file-based data and applications in today’s environments, you need efficient, highly scalable, and high-performance network attached storage systems – but at a lower total cost of ownership.

Hitachi Unified and NAS Platform systems help you with file sharing, file server consolidation and application storage for Oracle, Microsoft® and virtual environments. Deploy the highest usable capacity and performance per node in the industry. Apply capacity efficiencies that let you actually do more, but with a lot less. Realize significant cost savings for your organization.

The family of unified and network attached storage systems give you flexibility and choice to handle the many different workloads and use cases for enterprise data centers, medium organizations, and remote data centers across a wide range of industries.

  • Consolidate more: Greater usable capacity, scalability and twice the performance of comparable products in its class give you the power you need to handle large, mixed-workload environments.
  • Save time and space: Rich capabilities let you apply dynamic provisioning, intelligent tiering, virtualization, snapshots, file cloning, replication, and more.
  • Save money: Deduplication capabilities reduce your required storage capacity by up to 90% and let you reclaim valuable capacity rather than constantly make new purchases.

Simplify Data Management and Protection

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